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Stages Power L / LR / R - Shimano Dura-Ace R9200 - Factory Install

Our Stages Power meter - on your existing crank. The Factory Install process converts your crank into a world class training device. Power For Every Rider.

Handmade on your crank arm in Boulder, USA. 4-5 weeks delivery time from receipt of your crank.
How does the Stages Factory Install process work?
With the Stages Factory Install process we are converting your existing crankset into a single-sided or dual-sided power meter. After placing your order, we get in touch with the shipping logistics. We will provide the shipping labels, you’’ll send us your crankset. Our technicians will install a Stages Power meter on it and ship it back to you. Important to know: All shipping costs are included.

 Stages Power L

is built on to your non-drive side Shimano Dura-Ace R9200 crank arm and is compatible with all frames that fit Shimano Hollowtech II cranks.

 Stages Power LR is built on to your Shimano Dura-Ace R9200 crank set, placed on both the drive and non-drive side of your crank in order to independently measure a rider's left and right legs.
 Stages Power R is built on to your drive side Shimano Dura-Ace R9200 crank arm and is compatible with all frames that fit Shimano Hollowtech II cranks.



+/- 1,5% accurate in all conditions

 Power meter housing

low profile design, with robust door interface. Tool free battery replacement on the left arm and phillips head screw access on the drive side


Only adds 35g (Stages Power LR) / 15g (Stages Power L) / 20g (Stages Power R) to base crank set

 Battery life

175+ hours (Stages Power LR, via 2 coin cell: CR2032), 200+ hours (coin cell: CR2032) when used as a single sided Stages Power L or Stages Power R meter

 Power range (Watts)

0 - 2500

 Cadence range (rpm)

20 - 220

 Water resistance rating


Tour Proven
Stages Power has carried riders to three consecutive Tour de France victories, plus many more world and national championships. If you believe racing provides the world’s best product proving ground, then Stages Power is proven as the world’s best power meter.

Active Temperature Compensation as standard equipment
Consistency of measurement is the most important feature of a power meter. Stages Power was the first meter to make temperature compensation an automatic process ensuring accurate readings no matter the environmental conditions. ATC is the key reason a rider can trust data from Stages Power in all conditions.

Individual meter calibration for the most accurate results
Each Stages Power meter is calibrated individually to ensure a +/- 1,5% accuracy level, which is an industry best for non-scientific power meters. Individual calibration for the dual-sided option means that you can trust the data produced by our system, as it's a real measurement and not an estimation.

Stages Power R drive-side meter for added compatibility or upgrading an existing Stages Power L meter to Stages Power LR
While not widespread there are some key bicycle models that are not compatibile with the non-drive crank arm based Stages Power meter because of interference with the power meter housing, for example Cervelo's P5 and many bikes with chainstay mounted brake calipers or Boost-standard. Stages Power R offers increased compatibility with these models as well as the ability to upgrade existing Stages Power L power meters to Stages Power LR (dual) meter systems.


 Stages Power L

Crank length 160mm, 165mm, 167.5mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm, 177.5mm, 180mm

 Stages Power LR 

Crank length 160mm, 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm

 Stages Power R 

Crank length 160mm, 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm 

Additional Features

Active temperature compensation

Accelerometer based cadence measurement or the option to use a Hall-Effect based system with magnet (coming soon)

Wirelessly upgradable firmware

LED indicator for visual indication of battery levels and zero reset confirmation without connected app or headunit

Updated accelorometer and addition of gyroscope for improved cadence resolution

Upgraded BLE and ANT+ radios offer a 6x improvement of data transmission strength


 Stages Power L

is compatible with Shimano Hollowtech II road drive side crank arms. 

 Stages Power LR

is compatible with Shimano Hollowtech II road drivetrains. 

 Stages Power R

is compatible with Shimano Hollowtech II road left crank arms.


 Frame Compatibility

Most frames, see fit guide in our Support section 

 Software Compatibility

Stages Link, Training Peaks, Strava, Garmin Training Center and others 

 Device Compatibility

ANT+, Bluetooth Smart Ready 

Shipping information

General Information

As soon as your order has been processed you will receive a shipping label from us. With this shipping label, you can send your crank arm to us and start the Factory Install process.

Additional information for Non-EU countries

If the country of destination (country of delivery) is a non-EU country, we will charge you the net prices of the products excluding VAT. The import VAT and any customs duties as well as any handling fee of the logistics service provider are not included in the price and will be charged to you directly by the logistics service provider upon delivery. The amount of taxes and customs duties depends on the country of destination, the type, and value of the goods.

In the Box

Stages Power L

Non-drive-side power meter
High quality CR2032 coin cell battery

Stages Power LR

Non-drive-side power meter
Drive-side power meter
2x high quality CR2032 coin cell battery

Stages Power R

Drive side power meter
High quality CR2032 coin cell battery


Lifetime access to Stages Link for power meter management and firmware upgrade.

2 months free access to Stages Link premium training and coaching features.

Product Identification Card with Serial Number and ANT+ ID Number.

User Guide