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Disposal of Batteries


Information about disposing old batteries

The following information is for those who use a Stages Power meter and do not resell these products in the form they are delivered (end user):


1. Free return of old batteries

Batteries may not be disposed of in the household trash. You are required by law to return old batteries in order to guarantee their proper disposal. You can return old batteries to a communal collection centre or a local retailer. As a distributor of batteries, we are also obligated to accept the return of old batteries, whereby our obligation to accept the return of old batteries is restricted to the type that we supply or have supplied in our assortment of new batteries. Old batteries of the specified type can, therefore, be sent back with sufficient postage or returned directly to our company at no charge at the following address:

Stages Cycling Europe
Gerwigstraße 4
79199 Kirchzarten


2. Meaning of the battery symbols

Batteries are labelled with the symbol of a crossed out waste container (see below). This symbol indicates that batteries may not be thrown away in the household trash. For batteries that contain more than 0.0005 mercury by mass, more than 0.002 cadmium by mass or more than 0.004 lead, the chemical symbol(s) of the respective pollutant(s) are labelled under the waste container symbol – "Cd" stands for cadmium, "Pb" for lead, and "Hg" for mercury.