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Stages Bike shipping and assembly instructions

Thank you for informing yourself about the shipping and assembly of the Stages Bike.

Shipping instructions

The Stages Bike plays in its own league on the Smart Bike market in terms of excellent stability and proven robustness. This of course also affects the shipping weight.

We therefore ship the bike on a pallet to your doorstep with selected forwarding agents. To make sure the bike arrives at a suitable time, we coordinate the shipping closely with you. After the purchase of the bike, one of our employees will contact you by phone or e-mail. 

As soon as the bike has been delivered from the shipping company to the curb (the responsibility of the shipping company ends here), it is up to you to move the bike in the right place. The total weight of the shipment is about 70kg, we recommend being at least two people on site. 

Assembly instructions

If you have booked the bike without assembly service, you are now in the final step of the assembly process. It is important to proceed with care and according to plan. It is best to watch the video below before receiving the bike. The video shows the complete assembly of your bike and first steps to connect the bike to the known training platforms.

If you have any questions about the setup or use of the bike, you can contact our Customer Service Center Monday to Friday between 8-17 o’clock. We will be happy to assist you by phone, email or Skype with all your bike-related questions.

Email: info@stagescycling.eu | Phone: +49 (0)7661 - 97 393-0